Setting the foundation

As I start this blog under the combination of my maiden and married name, I realize the beginning is just as important as the middle and the end. It is the environment in which we grow up, as well as the people who we are exposed to along the way, both good and bad, that help shape who we are.

I am grateful for the foundation that surrounded me as I grew up. As a result, I believe in a powerful, almighty God. I believe in family and unconditional love. I believe in friendships and how important true friendship is. I love motivation and inspiration.

Writing has always been my escape. And still is. I used to write without worrying about what others thought. It’s time to go back to those roots. To write what is on my heart, in my soul and flowing through my mind … the good, bad and the ugly.

Some thoughts will be completely random. I’ll touch on topics including:
Faith, family, friendship & fitness. Life, love and laughter. Tears, trials and triumphs. If it’s something that stirs my thoughts and emotions or something that I think may benefit you, it will likely appear in this space.

I invite you to follow my blog posts. Share your own thoughts about my posts or whatever might be on your mind. Interactivity and connectivity are great.

Fall is my favorite season, so it’s appropriate to begin this month, October 2013, as we are in full “fall-mode.”

Wishing you a fantastic day!
Lisa Templeton Rigoni


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