Temptation …

Image … in the form of a chocolate lava cake! Crazy right? Well, not if on Saturday you make a commitment to give up refined sugar, because you know you have little control over your intake of it. Yep, that’s right … on Saturday, I told my hubby and God that I need to give up refined sugars (cookies, cakes, cereals, brownies, etc.) until Oct. 16. Here is the problem. I don’t have anything against sugar, in fact, I quite like it. The problem is once I start eating sweets, I cannot seem to control myself the rest of the day, which moves into the evening, which moves into the next morning, and so on. It is an ugly cycle for me.

God in His infinite wisdom, and with what I might say a bit of a warped sense of humor, wanted to know if I was serious “this time.” A few weeks ago, two of our awesome young ladies from church were asking for support for the choral boosters. Loving both of them and music, I happily placed my orders with each. Last week, came my first purchase … a casserole dish cover. Yesterday, the day  after I made my declaration of no sweets, my second order arrived … uh, my all-time favorite … a CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE!!! Seriously? 

It is safely tucked away in the freezer for a time of celebration with family/friends … after Oct. 16. I will have a very small sliver of it. Otherwise, the cycle will begin all over again. Not gonna happen “this time.”

What is your temptation? How are you taking control over it?



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