Saturday of solitude …

Image… a rare event!

Mike and I started the day going to the gym, of course. It is Saturday, after all. Great workout on my own, and then with Kristian … a make-up bootcamp day. And then, the solitude began … 1/2 hour in the sauna chatting and praying with God!

Mike went to help son-in-law put walls up in his new tattoo shop … opening soon! So I have been:

  • Studying for my ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition certification … today it is quizz-o-mania
  • Updated FB pages for my personal site and answering messages on Illinois Country Living page
  • Doing Pastor Nominating Committee work and prayer … what an honor to be a part of search    
  • Took time for lunch and a much-needed shower, adding this quick blog post and then back to the studying and quizzes. I CAN DO IT!

It helps that it is overcast outside and muggy! So, inside is my preference, for now. Not often I have the house to myself. OK, so there is building and construction going on in my basement, pretty noisy, actually, but that is the sound of my home office nearing completion! Music to my ears. YAY!!!

So, how are you spending your Saturday? Indoors? Outdoors? Working? Playing? Resting?



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