Clean house = Great workout!

Saturday is the typical house-cleaning day for us. We try and get it done before our own workouts and when possible before any client training sessions I may have. Feels good to have a clean living space in which to work, play and rest.

And it also burns calories … BONUS!


Go ahead, grab the broom and sweep those floors. Run the vacuum cleaner waling or even jogging from room to room. Move the furniture to get the hidden spaces. This might require some squats and lunges. Adds more calorie burn. Put the furniture back. No slacking. Bucket and rag to mop the floor … super workout!

Most people don’t really enjoy doing the laundry, but you have some great burning opportunities. Do you get to carry it up and down stairs? YAY! Climbing is good! Don’t like to fold the laundry? It’s such a good way to stretch those arms. And perhaps you have to squat down to put the folded clothes in the bottom drawers. Make it even better and squat down to put away each piece, rather than grabbing the pile and shoving them in all at once.

Don’t forget to dust the top shelves. Wipe down the top of the fridge and even, carefully, climb up and clean those ceiling fan blades. Who wants all that dust to fly off when you finally get to turn the fan on?

Scrub the shower/tub … top to bottom. Squat down to get the tub floor and walls. Stretch up to get the top of the walls and shower doors. Move all the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, shaving cream and scrub the stuff you find under them. And, of course, put it all back.

Hand wash the dishes. Stop laughing! And dry them. Seriously, no laughing. While you are washing raise up on your tip toes and lower them back down. Do 10 to 15 reps at a time, rest for 10 seconds and do it again, until all the dishes are washed and dried. WOW! You just saved electricity (didn’t run the dishwasher), all the dishes are now washed, dried and put away, and you had a great calf workout!

Ahhh! Don’t you feel accomplished? Clean house and a great workout! Way to go!

Enjoy your weekend!


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