Spring into action!

Ahhh … the buds are blooming, sun is shining, breezes are blowing, birds are chirping, frogs are bellowing in cadence, squirrels scampering up and down the trees, bunnies are hopping around the yard, grass (and dandelions) are growing, chicken is grilling, aromas are wafting, senses are awakening … must be spring!ImageSo how are you springing into action? Walking, jogging, running? Gardening, tilling, planting, mowing? It’s a great time to be outdoors! Not too hot and not too cold. No excuses! Here’s a great article from “Shape” on how to move into Spring. Enjoy and spring into action! Pick one or two things a week to focus on! You can do it!http://www.shape.com/fitness/20-ways-spring-clean-your-fitness-routine


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