Look Up! A video worth sharing and guidelines for living

Living life is so very important! I am guilty, sadly, of simply going through the motions too often.  How about you? This video was posted on Facebook, and I thought it worth sharing here, too! It’s a great reminder of how technology can overtake our lives and keep us from meaningful conversations, relationships, life events.


The title is great, too … “Look Up.” Yes, we should look up from our desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, to-do lists, televisions, etc., to see and interact with the people and life in front of us.

  • Make eye contact.
  • Hold hands.
  • Share a hug and an actual laugh, not just the letters, LOL.
  • Walk on the beach (would if there was one close) and feel the sand between your toes.
  • Stand in the green grass and feel the coolness on your feet, or the dew if it’s morning.
  • Step outside and look at the colorful flowers, touch the petals.
  • Take in the blue sky and white fluffy clouds.
  • Be mesmerized by the gold, reds and oranges of a setting sun.
  • Be invigorated as the sun rises in the morning, inviting you to begin a new day.
  • Splash in a rain puddle.
  • Read your Bible because you want to … not as a to-do item to check off the daily list.
  • Sleep soundly because you have lived this day to its fullest!

Don’t sit on the couch watching the lives of others on tv … most of which is not even real. Sorry to burst your bubble, but even the so-called ‘reality’ shows are staged. You know it’s true. Live your own life, not someone else’s! Make memories and even better yet, share them!

In going a step further, let’s “Look Up” to our Heavenly Father who provides each new day! I am asking myself the questions below and have included some of my thoughts. I’m going to keep going back and seriously contemplate the full answers. I hope you’ll join me and do the same? I would love to hear your responses : )

  • How do you use your time? Me – in God’s word and work, with family & friends, helping others with their fitness and faith, leading organizations and groups. All true, but I also spend more time than I should sitting on my butt watching tv, scrolling through Facebook posts, contemplating what I “could/should” be doing, talking about awesome action plans, rather than actually putting the plans into action. Thinking about the next book I want to write, rather than writing it. Good intentions for living life don’t make a life well lived! It’s time to look up and start living the plans and intentions!
  • With whom are you spending your time? God, husband, church family, my children, friends, parents-occasionally. That all sounds great doesn’t it? But the time I spend with them is often via text, FB, email, phone … not in person. That is not relationship- building or relationship-nurturing. It is impersonal. It is not real time connection. (And, yes, I realize sometimes these are the only ways a person has to connect, especially if distance is an issue.)mIt is not how we were designed to interact, though. Case in point … in our initial meeting back for our First Place 4 Health small group  last night, I asked each of person the question: “Why are you here?” The answers varied from: for the Bible study, the accountability, to spend time in God’s word, for prayer and encouragement. And most all of them also said: “for the fellowship.” It’s that personal fellowship … the accountability and encouragement they receive while in the presence of others that they desire. It’s the sharing of the scripture and prayers WITH people as they gather together. That’s what makes it so special. That’s the element that keeps them coming back. One of the newest members even posted the most profound statement on her FB page after our meeting last night: “I went to church tonight and it was exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.” She was looking for that human connection, personal touch, a hug of comfort, empathy and understanding and the sharing of hope in Christ with others! I truly believe that! So, I ask again with whom are you spending your time?
  • How do you act, react and interact in your daily life? These three words are part of a Bible study I am writing. The end of each chapter or lesson will include an opportunity for reflection. These three simple words – act, react and interact –  will be listed with blank lines for notes on how you lived your life that day. How did you act, react and interact with God/others/self, throughout the day? As you record your answers and look back over them, you will likely discover patterns. Some you will like, others will cause you to pause and perhaps even make changes. The first change? Look up! Live life! Make sure you act, react and interact in a way that is pleasing to God … it will be no surprise that in doing so, you will be leading a life of meaning and reward and be able to share with others.

In fact, start today! Go ahead. Grab a piece of paper, a journal, a notebook, a napkin and something to write with, or yes, even your computer, tablet or phone and write those words and start recording today how you are living life. Then take time to personally share with others the results or encourage them to do the same.

Living life today! Doing it on purpose!

Blessings – Lisa


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