Are you real?

Interesting question, don’t you think? Are you real? It’s one that I often contemplate. I want to be authentic. I want to be who I am and who God wants me to be, to share my whole self.

The only problem is sometimes I am not sure myself of who I am, you know the full-out, real me?! I know who I have been. I know who I want to be. Trouble is, I’ve been holding back, working too hard to make sure I am who everyone else wants/needs me to be, that I don’t have complete clarity. I’m tired of holding back … time to allow God to propel me forward without fear … to be ME!

Daily, I strive to listen and discern what God wants me to do, figure out where He is leading me. I “randomly” grabbed a dusty book off the shelf the other day, one that my best friend sent me in 2006, “The Gatekeepers, Whatever God Can Get Through You, He Will Get to You.” Nathaneal Wolf is the author. The chapter that really struck a chord was, of all things, on  patience. Coincidence? I think not! He said patience is a gift. WHAT? I re-read it. That can’t be right! Not sure I think of patience in that way. Gifts are typically positive and fun, right? And then I read it again and kept reading. Job was the example Wolf used.

ndcndFor awhile, I stopped asking for patience … fearing God would give me a reason to need it. Shallow? I don’t think so … simply human. It’s been obvious that His timing is different than mine, and the gift of His patience is what I need. Following are the words that really hit home and made me re-think patience. “Patience was what kept Job in the proper place until he could experience all that God had promised. Patience helped Job stay put until he doubled his outcome. Patience will help you stay invested when you feel like cashing out.

“Patience is what keeps the seed of your faith planted until you have an appointment with your harvest. Faith plus patience equals an inheritance  – faith minus patience equals nothing. When you lose your patience, you will never find your promise.”  WOW! Have I been delaying my promise, because of the lack of patience?

Interestingly, I just read the story of Samuel and Eli this week. God continually called, but Samuel didn’t “hear” the call clearly. Is that how I have been? Not hearing clearly? Or simply being to afraid to take the leap of faith. Today, it’s time to leap … no regrets!  “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

Dear Heavenly Father, Today – I humbly come before you and ask for patience. I want to understand your timing and your leading. I ask for knowledge to prevail when I need it.  And, Lord, I ask for wisdom to comprehend your plans. It scares me a little, Lord, but I am ready! “Here I am. Send me.” In your son’s precious name I pray, Amen.

FriendsAre you real? Are you patient? Are you listening? Like me, perhaps you understand that you are a work in progress. May you seek Him and His direction along side me.

What is your prayer today?


Lisa : )



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