Hey, teachers … thank you!

I am the wife of a teacher, who like many other teachers and students I know, can’t believe summer is over and reality is about to lurch its mornings of getting up early, going to work and entering an educational facility.

Those who teach have the opportunity to go in and make a difference in the lives of someone … even if it’s just one someone. Even if, as the teacher, you never know that something you said or did in class one day, or how a student or fellow teacher/staff member saw you living outside of the classroom, may have:

  • created a true desire to learn
  • brought about a new attitude
  • helped change the course of a life for the better
  • made someone feel worthy

Thank you to my husband, my oldest daughter, my sister-in-law and so many other teachers, who each year, after a time of recharge and renewal, have the privilege to go back to work and make a difference!

Blessings to all of you in the new school year!



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