My day as a slug …

How much healthier might you be if you matched your exercise time with your Facebook and/or television time? I was doing the math for my own life this a.m. after yesterday’s “slug-fest.” Convicting!

SLUG vs. BUSY: I admit, yesterday, after church, I was a slug. That’s why the question hit me this a.m., trying to remember what I did that was productive? And I am not saying you have to be BUSY all the time – a valuable lesson I have learned well over this last year. Busy-ness is an issue that continues to be a personal work in progress. I have, however, learned along the way how important real rest is to our well-being. Don’t underestimate it, but at the same time, don’t use it as an excuse to do nothing. Neither extreme – slug or busy – is healthy.


These are the books I have going now. And I wonder why my brain can’t rest – sigh. The top two are for leisure reading before I go to sleep.

IN THE BEGINNING: Yesterday, I spent time with God, reading, praying, singing his praises and listening to scripture and his message through our pastor. I witnessed two beautiful baptisms, enjoyed lunch with my loving husband and yes, I even had a 30 minute nap.

SLUGFEST ENSUES: But, I also, spent hours and hours watching “White Collar” on NetFlix. Oh, and did I mention they were series re-runs? And yeah, I had seen most of the originals. So I sat on the comfy loveseat watching a marathon of shows I’ve already seen. All the while, I was thinking I should go to the gym. I should read one of the many books I have stacked up on the desk. I should be WRITING!!! And, yet, I sat, and sat and sat. And I sat until time to change into pajamas and go to bed. 

TODAY, However, I:

  • started my morning in quiet time with God
  • enjoyed motivation and inspiration through a couple of books
  • did a solid workout
  • worked and used my mind well
  • spent time writing
  • Plus, I had lunch and a wonderful visit with our youngest daughter.

Surprisingly, my emotional state is happier, healthier. Crazy, right? Nope!

I am not saying FB or television are bad … unless they become like any other addiction … keeping us from time that could be spent in more precious or productive ways. 



3 thoughts on “My day as a slug …

  1. I have definitely been guilty of being a slug! It is amazing how different my day and emotional mind set becomes when I shift my focus, time and energy on things that truly matter. Thanks for the read. 🙂

  2. Having the occasional “slug” day is a good thing! Especially on Sunday (after church, of course 😉 ). Getting back up and going then feels great; invigorating! Sometimes our bodies just tell us when to slow it down.

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