Give God a Year – 2015! And we’re off and running …

Jesus Rocks pic

 Following Carole Lewis’ book: Give God A Year: Change Your Life Forever (FirstPlace4Health).

Here are my Top 5-needs/desires to fulfill in 2015:

  1. Be fit from the inside/out with regular exercise, smart/healthy food choices and right attitude.
  2. Spend time studying the Bible … not simply reading the words on the page … read/review, understand, meditate, memorize.
  3. Set a regular writing schedule for: blog posts, articles, books, greeting card series.
  4. Know my friends and family better than the characters on tv shows. Sigh ~ Ashamed to admit that this is even a thing.
  5. Enhance my mental capacity: Complete certifications for Exercise Therapy, Body and Soul training. Read and listen to positive, uplifting articles, books, podcasts, etc.



So, how are you approaching 2015?



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