I can breathe!!!

So excited! Went to my awesome doctor yesterday because I have been having so much trouble breathing and coughing like crazy.

BreatheMy combination of Asthma, GERD and sinus issues had me in a mess, which has hindered my normal fitness regimen. Mostly the cardio … I had come to love running and couldn’t do it. You kind of need good breath control. Have struggled singing … Again, hard to do when you can’t breathe and cough every time you try to catch a breath.

Doc changed my inhaler, switched my meds and the timing of when I use inhaler and take my meds. With these simple changes I experienced an intense workout this am without breathing struggles! No asthma attack! No coughing! Don’t know why I waited so long to go in!! Duh!

The cool/cold air is still a bit of a problem, so while it is nicer out today, for fun I just ran on the treadmill at home … inside. No reason to press my luck in that air, for now.

Safety key interruption.

Safety key interruption.

Was working on my best 5k distance run. Confident that I was running my fastest, and no need for frequent stops to catch my breath. Steady running. And somehow, I inadvertently knocked out the safety key. Grrr!

So, I don’t know what pace I was actually going, or how close I was to the 5k finish. I’ve gone over 6 miles total today with both workouts, and think I was at 3.75 when I started. In any case … I could breathe! I could run! Felt great! So thankful : )

Looks like I’ll have to try again tomorrow after church!

So – what setbacks have you overcome? What/who encourages you – motivates you? How did you get started if you are a runner? Look forward to hearing from you!

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3 thoughts on “I can breathe!!!

  1. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and find it very hard to exercise except for water exercise which we attend twice a week. Also am looking at hip,replacement soon. Try doing some of Leslie Sansone walking tape but it isn’t easy. So I will pray that you continue to stay active with no or less breathing problems. We both know how important exercise is and with Gods help we will do what we can. Blessings and prayers. Bev

    • Bev,
      Thanks for following me and for your comments : ) I have an aunt and several friends who have fibromyalgia. I have seen how debilitating it can be and pray that God eases your suffering from the disease. As you mentioned, we do both know the importance of exercise. The other things that are so important, of course, are attitude/right-thinking, emotional balance and most importantly trusting God’s intervention and plans, as He uses all things for his good! I so appreciate your sharing and your example of pushing through : ) Hugs n blessings! Lisa

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