Celebrating life with laughter and love …

2015-06-29 10.14.33

Carolyn McCloy Templeton and Pauline White in their birthday party hats!

2015-06-29 10.15.43

Lisa Templeton Rigoni, Carolyn McCloy Templeton, Pauline White and Sue Billington.

2015-06-29 10.34.25

They just could not stop laughing! LOVE IT!! It was contagious. The whole group was laughing with them : )


A week ago today, we had the privilege of celebrating two beautiful women during our First Place 4 Health small group time. They had milestone birthdays. Pauline’s 85th birthday was Tuesday and Carolyn’s (my Mom) 70th birthday was Wednesday.  Surrounded by friends, we all enjoyed laughter, healthy food and fellowship. Getting old is a state of mind. These two? Young at heart, for sure!

How do you celebrate the milestones in your life? I hope it includes laughter, fellowship, friends and family.

Each day is a gift. Don’t forget to unwrap yours today.

Blessings, Lisa


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