Moving into 2017 with victory/new journal!

I’ve had this crazy idea simmering in my head for quite some time – to create a journal with a variety of elements – elements that I have found beneficial from my years of writing my thoughts, setting and tracking various goals and listening to how others track life. I wanted it to be user-friendly, motivational, inspirational, fun and functional. That’s not too much to ask, right?

My great friend, Amy Denney, is a fantastic designer and a get-it-done person. We collaborated, and the result is our first printing of The Victory Lifestyle Journal!  It’s the perfect tool to help propel you forward in creating and tracking your health and wellness, your next steps, the dreams you are dreaming, the bucket list that is in your heart and head, and so many other things.  Record all your workouts, meals, emotions, goals, plans, dreams in one journal where you can also fill your heart by jotting down your blessings, what you are grateful for in life and be inspired with daily motivational quotes, health tips and scripture.

Oh, it’s also important to us to help others. All proceeds benefit Mirror Image, a ministry to empower the self esteem and body image of girls and women.

The journals are available to order now. If you are local and want to arrange to pick your copy up or have it delivered, let me know. If you want yours mailed … no problem! Simply, click on the link below to determine your delivery method.

VictoryLifestyle Journal
Pick-up (local) $12.00 USD
Shipped $18.00 USD

Enjoy the Victory Lifestyle!

Lisa Rigoni

FB: LisaTempletonRigoni and Motivated2Fitness

Blog: LisaTempletonRigoni


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