Do you know your passwords?

I’ve been racking my brain for the last hour trying to remember all of my passwords, because I am setting up a new business computer. It is crazy how many there are, and I just created yet another. Sigh!

Yes, the security is important. Yes, I want to remain protected. Yes, I get it. We are told not to write them down. I could not, for the life of me, remember my blog password, and it is not written down. I thought I was going to have to start from scratch, rebuild this blog, resulting in the possibility of losing all my previous posts. My thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, my struggles all captured in words.

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The search reminds me how important words are to our daily life.

  • Words that are spoken.
  • Words that we hear.
  • Words that run through our minds/thoughts.
  • Words we read.
  • Words we write.
  • Words create pictures.
  • Words break/make relationships.
  • Words build up/tear down.
  • Words can be soothing to the soul or cut us down to the quick.
  • Words give us instruction or create destruction.
  • Words provide life/death.

How are you using your words? What “passwords” open up your thoughts, your memories? What words bring you hope and joy or sadness and despair?

Today, I hope the words you read, speak, hear, write, think and share are uplifting and encouraging. May they be wonderful words of life. 

Carpe Diem!



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