What keeps you up at night?

As I woke up this a.m. … oh wait! I really did try to sleep, but to no avail. Rather than continuing to toss and turn, I finally got up, around 11:30 pm. Went to bed at 10:30pm.

No, I didn’t have caffeine, simply too many things racing through my mind. Couldn’t wind down. Decided there was no use fighting it. Thought by now (3:30 pm), I would have taken a nap … nope! Up this long, so I need to try and stay up til a “normal” bedtime, so I don’t get my days and nights messed up … not smart, under normal circumstances, but this week I have projects due and a three-day business trip.

Since I was wide awake, I did some research and worked on a writing project that is due this week. Once it is completed, I have another quick one to finish.

Best part of the day so far: had the privilege of watching friends – husband and wife – be baptized together today. A beautiful thing. In addition to their family, there were seven of us friends who came to witness the occasion. #ForBaptism-TaddnSarah10-28-18ever Friends. #Bound by Faith. #Baptized in Jesus Name.

Mike and I had turkey chili for lunch, just took the brownies out of the oven. Used applesauce instead of oil … we’ll see how that works. NOTE: It didn’t. I think my ratio was off … something was off, for sure!

In a few hours I’ll ZOOM with my virtual First Place for Health Group … one of my favorite things.

Service was at 8 a.m. I was already dressed and ready to go by 4:30 a.m. Hair, make-up and all. Now the winds are 20mph today, so why I bothered with the hair is beyond me, not that anyone cares. LOL!

Obviously, I am running on fumes … this post is rambling all over the place. I’ll close. Stay tuned for more coherent posts this week.

Enjoy a fit n fabulous faith-filled week,


PS: Sleep is imperative … I am not bragging that I pulled an all-nighter. I wish I hadn’t. Get your sleep. Make it consistent. It matters for your health. 


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