Head in the clouds …

Sometimes I live my days with my head in the clouds … dreaming about all that I could IMG_8717be if I simply put my mind, skills, talents and time to work, efficiently and effectively.

As I literally flew through the clouds this past week, I realized how we often take things for granted and see only what is right in front of us, rather than looking at the larger picture.

My dreams include:

  • Leading by positive example – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally – living my best life right now, in the moment and in all circumstances, so that I can influence others to do the same.
  • Speaking engagements where I motivate and inspire others from small intimate settings and grandiose platforms to cheer people on in their own dreams and life journeys.
  • Completing and publishing the many fiction and non-fiction books, devotions, journals and coaching books that are stored on paper, on my computers and in my head. How freeing it would be to get all that out of my head … a needed reboot!
  • Growing closer in relationship with God, family and friends.
  • Touching the lives of my grandchildren in ways that they naturally understand mine and God’s unconditional love for them always.
  • Working with diligence and drive on projects – paid and unpaid – in a way that makes a difference to counterparts, organizations, those I don’t even know and having the satisfaction of knowing I have done well.
  • Coaching others – mind, body and spirit – to live a fulfilled healthy life!


SO – how big are your dreams?

If you aren’t afraid of them, they are too small!

I’m happily terrified!! 

Live life to the fullest. Do your thing.

Do God’s thing for you!

Enjoy a fantabulous week … that’s what I plan to do! REACH for the sky!!!




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