2016 – Intentional pruning

I had to put my beautiful plant in another room over Christmas week, to create space for the crazy feasts and all the people we had over to celebrate the season of faith, family, friends and Jesus. In doing so, it ended up in a dark room. I didn’t water it as I should have. And I didn’t talk to it. (Uh, yeah, I do talk to my plants.) In that environment, it lost some life. Leaves turned yellow, some even brown and crunchy. Bright pink petals fell to the floor. Stems became bare. Soil was dry.

Today, I brought it back out into the light. I cut back and removed the dead leaves and petals. I watered the soil to help rejuvenate it. Even as parts of it died, though, new buds are sprouting … ready to show its beauty.

What in your life needs cut back? What activities or people are draining you? Where do you need to re-align in order to thrive in 2016? How can you create a life that will allow you to grow, to bloom where God is leading you or where He has already planted you? What do you hunger and thirst for down deep, at your roots?

Go ahead. Look at your schedule, family, friends, life (spiritual, mental, physical, fiscal and emotional) – what needs trimmed to create more opportunity for positive growth? What needs added to provide you with energy and expression? Where is the balance off kilter?

I am personally reviewing and praying about all of it – going to be Intentional this year. Digging into scripture. Taking action. Not just researching what to do. Not simply gathering information on how to move forward. I’m looking at the new blooms, at the roots, watering the soil. I’m looking at what it will take to follow-through.

Taking a 21-day course with Donna Partow (DonnaPartow.com) to help me in structuring life this year, implementing action steps and doing the follow-through. I’m working with Donna and my life coach, R.J. Scherba (FB: R.J. Scherba Christian Coaching), to help me develop my personal mission/vision. R.J. is encouraging me to find my God-given calling – how do I use the gifts, talents, resources, blessings from God to follow His plan for my life, to encourage others. This year I will be more intentional. I’ll lead by example with my First Place 4 Health Life Group, locally, regionally and nationally. I will finish book projects that I have begun. I will be a speaker at local, regional and national events, sharing my story. It’s time to follow the advice and plans I share with my friends and clients. “Yes, you can!” Philippians 4:13

Work/ministry with WCIC FM 90.5, Springfield, IL, will be a blessing as I am faithful to the tasks each day. I know God will pour blessings and change direction when needed. He will put me in the path of those He has already called to partner with us financially and/or in events and prayer. I can’t wait to see the new connections this year.

Activities: this is tough for me. I have to be very intentional in saying “Yes” and/or “No.” This is where the rubber meets the road. In order to be intentional this year, I will have to be selective, make hard choices to prune what is not providing life and energy. Understand, that if I say “No,” it likely isn’t personal – toward you. It’s personal – for me as I listen to God’s still small voice of encouragement and direction.

Logging: books I read. songs I enjoy. prayers – praises, concerns and answers. Memorizing: scripture. quotes. songs. people’s faces – expressions in their eyes, smiles, tears. Encouraging: others, self. Blogging, Posting, Vlogging: random thoughts. workouts. scripture. encouragement. challenges. invitations.

So, here we go … it’s time for study and prayer, my first workout of 2016, time with my husband/best friend/soul mate. It’s time to enjoy brand new growth, challenges and opportunities. It’s time to breathe in life and share it with others

Welcome New Year! I’m excited to have you!

Hugs n blessings, all, Lisa

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Blog: LisaTempletonRigoni.com

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EMail: Lrigoni@PRwithPurpose.net; LRigoni@motivated2fitness.com




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